Antler’s new chapter: the British travel brand, reimagined
Antler’s new chapter: the British travel brand, reimagined

Antler’s new chapter: the British travel brand, reimagined

Every year, a stag’s antlers regenerate, growing in spring and shedding in winter. Inspired by our namesake motif, Antler has spent the past year undergoing its own period of regeneration. Galvanised by our 109-year history, we’re announcing an exciting new era, returning to our roots to reimagine our future.

Did you know that Antler was born in Bury, Lancashire, in 1914? Back then, our mission was to create top-notch British luggage at an accessible price. We’ve always innovated where it matters: for example, our archives reference the early development of a cushioned grip for our suitcase handles, offering extra comfort. We were also one of the first British brands to add wheels to our cases for smoother movement. From the beginning, our customers’ changing desires have influenced our direction.

More than a century later, we have evolved into the definitive British travel brand. Exploration, connection and self-discovery inspire our designs, from the little (luggage tags, water bottles, mini bags) to the large (spacious suitcases, roomy weekenders and matching sets). We believe that well-travelled people make for a better world, and every journey counts, whether to a new time zone or new postcode. This philosophy has shaped our new mission: to reimagine the world through travel.

To celebrate our relaunch, we’ve upgraded our suitcase warranty from 10 years to a lifetime. This change cements our commitment to timeless design and our renewed focus on sustainability. With this new warranty in place, our luggage can be your lifelong companion, designed to be passed down across generations. Our suitcases are made to age gracefully, with each scuff or mark recalling a moment or place in your journeys.

In partnership with international creative studio Frosty, we’ve refreshed our branding, calling upon a roll call of experts to reimagine Antler’s bold new look. Our iconic stag logo was entrusted to acclaimed graphic designer Alistair Gibbs, who devised a more modern, universal emblem. Alistair Gibbs says: “A redraw of the Antler marque takes fresh cues from early 20th-century British artists such as Barbara Hepworth, whose work was both strikingly modern, yet rooted in the natural world.” The icon has added functionality within our new brand imagery, pinpointing campaign photoshoot locations and drawing the viewer in.

Courtesy of celebrated logo and type designer Gareth Hague, our new wordmark is inspired by the 20th-century British artists prominent in Antler’s early days. It also reflects typography trends of the time: a movement away from serif and a turning towards nature. Gareth Hague says: “The lettering reflects an English modernism with subtle Arts and Crafts details, with a nod to greats such as Berthold Wolpe and Edward Wright.”

Leaning back into our heritage also yielded our rediscovered tagline: ‘For those who travel often.’ We’ve reclaimed this evocative promise – originally used in Antler advertisements from the 1920s – for modern explorers. Expect to see the phrase on our new-look branding and packaging, and underpinning our future content and communications. We also loved the bright coral hue featured in our early ads, and will be using this colour in future branding and imagery, updated with a fresh, modern twist.

Our relaunch is celebrated in our new Iconic campaign, featuring the work of London-based photographer Laurence Ellis. Campaign images evocatively interpret the brand’s relaunch through the lens of a personal journey made by Laurence and his dog Rocky, taking the pair from the Big Smoke to the Scottish Highlands. Laurence’s campaign photography pays tribute to our British roots, documenting moments of connection and discovery that everyone can relate to. The images of his trip are designed to inspire your own journeys with Antler, wherever the road might take you. Let our rich travel legacy enable yours.

Find out more about Antler’s new Iconic campaign or admire our new-look website, refreshed in accordance with our rediscovered tagline: ‘For those who travel often.’