Gurj Sohanpal on the joy of travel
Gurj Sohanpal on the joy of travel

The Joy of Travel: Gurj Sohanpal on the joy of checking in, Greek culture and New York soul

We talk to menswear and travel blogger Gurj Sohanpal about where he hopes to travel to next and the many joys of a life on the move. Follow @GurjSohanpal

Menswear and travel blogger Gurj SohanpalInstagram/GurjSohanpal

What does travel mean to you? Why do you think travel is important?

Travelling is a form of fulfilment; appreciating cultures around the world and finding meaning in your life. It opens your heart, broadens your horizons and makes you step out of your comfort zone and explore new corners of the world. The memories and stories you collect along the way are priceless. 

Describe a moment that you only experience when travelling, that you can’t wait to experience again? 

For me, it's the buzz before a long haul flight. It's clockwork: check-in, explore duty-free and head into the lounge for a few drinks and something to eat. I also enjoy the moment when you settle into your seat and take off — there's something magical about those moments when travelling.

Menswear and travel blogger Gurj Sohanpal

When travel opens up more fully, which European destination is first on your list and why? 

I’d love to go to Greece, or one of the Greek Islands. I’ve never been so it's time to explore Greek culture and enjoy the Mediterranean weather. I imagine lots of beach time, amazing food, and sipping on a nice wine while unwinding and taking the time to relax.


Which long haul destination are you longing to explore and why? 

Given we have been unable to travel with Covid for some time, I've got a backlog of destinations which have forever been on my bucket list. I’d love to explore more of South America and Argentina in particular. I’d also love to visit South Korea and Australia. After going to Japan a few years ago, it really sparked my interest in the Asia-Pacific region, so more time around there is really high up on my list.

Sydney, Australia
Sydney, AustraliaSouth Korea
South Korea

Name a place that you love so much, you’d happily return to time and time again.

It has to be New York. I lived in New York for a year and I really felt like the city has left a mark on me. It's the energy, ambition, grit and soul of New York which is so addictive and unique to anywhere else in the world. It holds a special place in my heart, and I feel it is my second home. New York has a fantastic ability to keep going — there's no shortage of bars, restaurants and unique experiences to check out. And there's also no shortage when it comes to the debate of what is the best pizza in town — you’ll forever chase it and for good reason!

New York City
New York

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