Destinations we all love for some 2019 holiday inspiration
Destinations we all love for some 2019 holiday inspiration

Destinations we all love for some 2019 holiday inspiration

We all love travel – whether it’s a culture packed weekend away in a different city, exploring a new destination or relaxing in the sun for a couple of weeks (we've got a suitcase for that). Time to give into your wanderlust and start planning those 2019 trips. These are the destinations that you’ve told us that you’d love to visit this year in social media polls, stories and comments. We’ve selected the must see sites, so time to get planning…


christopher-czermak-705859-unsplash.jpg Over 2,000 years of history has left Rome with more magnificent Piazzas, ancient sites and monuments than any other European city. Far from being an open air museum, Rome is one of Europe’s most charismatic cities, with so much to love. Don’t miss: Café Life For an essential first impression, leave the tourist trail for later while you sip a coffee in a Piazza and watch Rome life unfold. Culture From the outstanding Capitoline Museums, to the Museum of Rome , to the Borghese Gallery, the hardest part will be narrowing which hotspots to make a priority.


luke-stackpoole-536830-unsplash Loved for it’s amazing natural beauty, culture, nature and of course The Northern Lights. It’s not surprising that Iceland has more than quadrupled the number of annual foreign visitors that arrive on its shores in just six years Don’t miss: Golden Circle The Golden Circle is perhaps one of the most impressive road trips you can take. The 300 kilometre route takes in the three most popular natural attractions in Iceland: the Geysir Geothermal Area, Gullfoss Waterfall and Þingvellir National Park. Blue Lagoon Found in southwest Iceland, this stunning geothermal spa is the most popular attraction in Iceland drawing people from all across the world. Don’t forget to book in advance as it gets very busy.


clay-banks-170882-unsplash-e1549549503397.jpg Japan is truly timeless, a place where ancient traditions co-exist with modern life. On many people’s bucket list a vacation will combine the most modern elements of city life, the wild beauty of the countryside, traditional culture and great food. Don’t miss: Kyoto Japan’s ancient and imperial capital is a must on most visitors wish list. Sublime temples, traditional Zen gardens are all to be explored. Cherry blossom season in late Spring is a popular time to visit Mount Fuji/Hakone The majestic Mount Fuji (Fuji-san) has been celebrated in art and culture for centuries and is also the country’s highest mountain peak, towering 3,776 meters over an otherwise largely flat landscape


ehmir-bautista-364387-unsplash.jpg The Philippines are a much loved Asian destination, best known for it’s amazing sites above and below the sea, culture, hospitality and delicious food. Don’t miss: Island hopping With 7,107 islands to choose from, the main problem will be deciding which one to visit next… Bohol and Bantayan Island are two definitely worth a visit Puerto Princesa Underground River Visit the world's longest underground, running through a cave system before flowing into the South China Sea.


Loved for its amazing landscapes, from the Sahara to the Atlas Mountains and an abundance of culture, Morocco is a fascinating destination. Don’t miss: Marrackech The cultural capital of Morocco is the countries most visited destination and it’s easy to understand why. From the chaos of the markets and souks to the beautiful architecture. Staying in a Riyad is a must High Atlas Mountains A world away from the chaos of Marrakech, the Atlas mountains provide a glimmer of another world, with snow capped mountains and green valleys. The Sahara Take a camel safari into the dunes for a once in a lifetime experience, bask under sunny skies during the day and camp under the stars once night falls.


anton-karatkevich-729993-unsplash.jpg Love Danish design, culture or Nordic cuisine? Copenhagen is the city break for you.. Don’t miss: Hiring a Bike Join the locals and cycle around the city, Copenhagen is built for biking and it's one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. Danish Cuisine Taste the classic Danish open-faced sandwich: "smørrebrød", the New Nordic cuisine or the many delicious street food options. Tivoli Gardens These are a must for anyone visiting Copenhagen – you’ll find lush green gardens and exotic architecture. Best visited at night when it’s light by thousands of lights, creating a magical, fairy tale feeling.


paul-dufour-175889-unsplash.jpg The city of love is on most people's "to visit" list and quite rightly so. Paris has everything you could ever want from a city break: culture, cafés, art, shopping – there’s so much going on.. Don't miss: The Louvre The Louvre is probably one of the most famous spots in Paris and is a central landmark within the city. Of course, it’s primarily known for housing the portrait of the Mona Lisa, but the museum has more to offer. Eiffel Tower It’s THE sightseeing experience in the City of Light! You can choose to go up to the Tower or just admire the well-known “Iron Lady” from the ground in La Place du Trocadero Le Marais Le Marais was once considered the aristocratic quarter of Paris, and today still hosts many outstanding buildings of historic and architectural importance. It became a centre of LGBT culture in France in the 1980’s and is famous the world over as a very trendy shopping district. 


There are few cities in Europe where you can enjoy the culture and vibrancy of a city break with relaxation of a beach holiday. Barcelona offers the best of both worlds with stunning cultural attractions, Catalan cuisine and Mediterranean beaches Don’t miss: Sagrada Familia The Sagrada is a masterpiece of gothic architecture created by Gaudi, and construction of Barcelona's iconic (but controversial) church is expected to be completed in 2024. Picasso Museum The permanent collection of 3,800 pieces is spread across five adjoining palaces – a must for art lovers.

New Zealand

tyler-lastovich-506821-unsplash.jpg New Zealand often tops the most loved destinations and it’s easy to understand why; the stunning and diverse landscapes of North and South Islands feature beaches, rainforests, mountains, lakes, glaciers and even volcanoes. Don’t miss: Milford Sound Spectacular Fiordland in the South East corner of New Zealand. Home to jagged cliffs, cascading waterfalls - a cruise through the Sound is a must for visitors to the South Island Abel Tasman This spectacular National Park is located at the North Western tip of the South Island. One of the most beautiful areas of NZ with golden beaches and the bluest of water. Bay of Islands A three-hour drive takes you to the Bay of Islands, a stunning subtropical micro-region known for its stunning beaches, landscapes and history.

Las Vegas

juliana-malta-1057713-unsplash.jpg Arguably the entertainment capital of the world, Vegas is loved for its luxury hotels, jaw-dropping attractions, shows and stunning glitz and glamour. Don’t miss: Belaggio Bellagio combines European opulence with modern luxuries. The must see Fountains of are choreographed to music and soar high above the lake – a free and popular daily attraction. The Strip The 3 ½-mile-long stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard is packed with more than 20 of the world's largest casino-resorts and stunning hotels that are attractions in their own right Red Rock Canyon Escape the bright lights for a few hours with a short drive to beautiful Red Rock Canyon, forming part of the famous Mojave Desert.

Wherever you are heading this year we wish you a wonderful holiday! Don't forget to shop our range of luggage before you go.